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The Fitzpatrick - Mac Giolla Phбdraig Clan Society is the International community of Fitzpatrick genealogy researchers and is our home on the Internet.

The society was founded and registered with the CLANS OF IRELAND Office in 1993. In the early years the clan was Ireland-based and the descent of the Fitzpatrick of Ossory was the research focus.  The aims of the society focus on the history, heritage, culture and tradition of the Fitzpatricks.  In 1998 a number of Fitzpatrick researchers in the USA and UK made contact with the Irish researchers and a clan Internet community began to evolve.  Since these early days a Clan Society website has been our presence on the Internet.  From November 1998 our community has used a Listserv mailing list (provided by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland) to support researchers' communication.

The clan organises regular gatherings, and in 2000 held its first International gathering in Portlaoise in Ireland.  Four successful International gatherings have now been held, the others being in 2002, 2004 and 2007.

Following the 2000 gathering a worldwide Fitzpatrick DNA study got underway and this is now one of the most important family DNA studies that exists.

Welcome to our community.

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